Ever watch shows like Homeland and suspect that you have the street smarts to be an amazing undercover operative?

We agree! 

You have the necessary foundation to build dynamic relationships and execute agile operations. But you've never had the chance to develop and refine those people-reading skills. You've never been taught how to tell if someone is lying or not--to be able to choose the right people, products, and services to push your business forward. Fortunately, the knowledge needed to make those decisions isn’t limited to those trained by the CIA.

As Michele managed the collection of critical intelligence for our government, she developed an understanding of human behavior that was career-altering—She realized that sources who were proven to be lying presented themselves and their information in similar ways. Clear behavioral patterns emerged over time. This is what led her to develop Behavioral Profiling Techniques to quickly identify Red Flags, areas that required a Deep Dive. That led her to develop Powerful Methodologies to untangle questionable claims about our sources’ identities, capabilities, and overall veracity.

If we only knew then what we know now, we could have saved more lives. We could have figured out which sources were fabricating data and which were giving us the life-saving intelligence we needed to stop terror attacks. We could have known who to invest in, and which bad sources to kick out the door. We wasted too much time, energy and money on people who were lying about their access and ability to produce what we needed.

We became experts at vetting, and now, we’re passing on those secrets.

We’ve cracked the code, so you don’t have to!

This training will empower you to cut through the marketing fluff to make wise decisions about your human resources. These skills will enable you to avoid dishonest vendors, employees who are not capable, partners who embezzle, supply chains hawking fraudulent products and materials, lost revenue from poor investments, reputational damage from hiring the wrong leaders, customer loss due to poor performance, and all manner of business disruptions--by making the right decisions the first time around. 

In a world full of fraud, you need the skills of an intelligence officer to thrive. 

For the price of a continuing education course, you can transform your ability to make powerful people decisions. 

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